So laden

Beheld an evening sky –
Across which if my answers lie?
If the hilltop now swooped up high;
Like my breaths life does not get by.
So care to now have unfolded wings
And see beyond the farthest skies.

Not crumbled yet, still laden left;
Can care no more to lift an eye;
But the shadow stays and darkness cries,
Where failures drag me down the side.

Don’t ask no more, let me be still;
Hold my hand, be a company.
Tired of running all my life
Like someone lined at muzzle sights.

If man ever worked so hard,
What gain he had to boast in end?
A content life, a blithely spree?
A broken soul that’s never free.

Drenched in toils of sweetest life,
With icy stakes across the heart;
Gasping, suffocating with every sigh.
Can coldness smother the lively warmth,
Jubilee in thoughts of purest white?
Life O life, what more do you need?
Take away my days
And lend me back my pride.