Café love

Treading on rustling leaves in moments last fall,
Maiden lifted my head and had you told –
Daisy-love like heart fluttered and burst in fiddle waves;
No imagination or things foretold to be in café tales.

Sassy curls, calmly resting on shoulders so graceful,
Awed at the beauty sipping coffee at the table;
Dreamy gestures captured past lashes of the hazel eyes,
Found fingers smoothly slipping on the stiletto sides.

Dotty hair-pin bite at the corner of glossy lips;
Strolled behind silently to catch one careful glimpse.
Stops, every turn and stare, captivating, how you shy away;
Painless love profound in that smiling face.

Blameless runaway cries, how could I not adore!
Coloured springtime wish, yearned to perfect bout’s call.
Nearness in aura howling peachy love, aflame;
No sun rapt shine brighter to the eye again.