The Solitary Song

Candid I live now far too griped;
A domain door and wall to steal;
A vault this strong no common man
Had eyed beyond nor reveal.
The coldest night, calm and blind,
Fingers numb desperately slide.
Sheltered in tales conveyed,
Unseemingly bold yet draped
In questions of some oblivion might;
Echoes what far less than said.
Crinkle, crumble thoughts that build;
Contemplate a lingering denied;
Never in western sails I fought
Names always dared to write.


Desert song

And I thought these were barren lands
With thorns and thistles few;
Cattle herds in highland tracks,
People with looks so new.
But life’s in spirits
Singing along the desert song.
Roads run down dusty vills and sands to the sides;
New world now beheld – an evening, an insight.
Rocks and golds are mended now;
Believing is bearing, the world of the sun.

Dear God

All that’s been forgiven; Lord to You I shout, “Thee bless.”
A wretched soul on fire, by Your grace upon this day.

Lord at Thy shores of faithfulness, draw me near like Adam;
My heart, bring forth from the spring of love, humbled, till life’s done.

On that mighty hilltop where the cross shed light to world,
Jesus take me there now, on heels, and cleanse me of the earth.

Once the multitudes who followed, like them for glimpse of Thee;
Touch the robes of purest white, yearn for Issac’s deity.

When the timid heart’s all tied and torn, and cruel storm darkens up the deep sea,
Protect me Jesus, my Thee, for the yoke’s all heavy upon me.

Knelt before the altar or walking down the hallway,
Guide me; in Your perfect love take me, teach me how to pray.

Son of the holiest One, Lord You make me complete;
Brighten my path always, for it’s You I’ll ever seek.