The Moment’s Best

Hustles now a throbbing pain,
Grey wind of cry, thunder’s flash;
The hour’s hand ends no despair;
Now confined to vaultless care.
Midnight then was heavy pour,
The corners crooked in trembling fear;
Memories blithe carelessly dismissed;
Etched words on front door stair.
Solitary one, let peace define.
Is it a chorus or gold of war,
A second’s defeat or another flair?
The moment’s best to give to her.


The Solitary Song

Candid I live now far too griped;
A domain door and wall to steal;
A vault this strong no common man
Had eyed beyond nor reveal.
The coldest night, calm and blind,
Fingers numb desperately slide.
Sheltered in tales conveyed,
Unseemingly bold yet draped
In questions of some oblivion might;
Echoes what far less than said.
Crinkle, crumble thoughts that build;
Contemplate a lingering denied;
Never in western sails I fought
Names always dared to write.