And I am

And I am lying in my bed.
The lightning lights the room.
The shadows that wave back at me
Tell me I am so alone.
The glasses on the door rattle with the thunder,
And there is floodwater beneath.
If I could dream of things to be now,
I’d ask you to stay.
I am very weary like I’d when job’s not alright.
Sitting, staring at people’s faces,
Looking for some solace that I need.
If I’ve grown so weak that
I’d stopped believing in the the Lord,
Where do I stay to escape the longings?
All prayers if stayed unheard,
And u received according to fate,
Then God does…
He always does according to His wishes.
What use is it to pray?


The Moment’s Best

Hustles now a throbbing pain,
Grey wind of cry, thunder’s flash;
The hour’s hand ends no despair;
Now confined to vaultless care.
Midnight then was heavy pour,
The corners crooked in trembling fear;
Memories blithe carelessly dismissed;
Etched words on front door stair.
Solitary one, let peace define.
Is it a chorus or gold of war,
A second’s defeat or another flair?
The moment’s best to give to her.