And I am

And I am lying in my bed.
The lightning lights the room.
The shadows that wave back at me
Tell me I am so alone.
The glasses on the door rattle with the thunder,
And there is floodwater beneath.
If I could dream of things to be now,
I’d ask you to stay.
I am very weary like I’d when job’s not alright.
Sitting, staring at people’s faces,
Looking for some solace that I need.
If I’ve grown so weak that
I’d stopped believing in the the Lord,
Where do I stay to escape the longings?
All prayers if stayed unheard,
And u received according to fate,
Then God does…
He always does according to His wishes.
What use is it to pray?


Dear God

All that’s been forgiven; Lord to You I shout, “Thee bless.”
A wretched soul on fire, by Your grace upon this day.

Lord at Thy shores of faithfulness, draw me near like Adam;
My heart, bring forth from the spring of love, humbled, till life’s done.

On that mighty hilltop where the cross shed light to world,
Jesus take me there now, on heels, and cleanse me of the earth.

Once the multitudes who followed, like them for glimpse of Thee;
Touch the robes of purest white, yearn for Issac’s deity.

When the timid heart’s all tied and torn, and cruel storm darkens up the deep sea,
Protect me Jesus, my Thee, for the yoke’s all heavy upon me.

Knelt before the altar or walking down the hallway,
Guide me; in Your perfect love take me, teach me how to pray.

Son of the holiest One, Lord You make me complete;
Brighten my path always, for it’s You I’ll ever seek.