Bliss in a flower

Week’s been frailing into a song dearest tender known,
Soft whispers if let desire the night shall now be own;
Mystery that silences – fears of falling far;
Blooms of deepest wonder flounder more to bear.
If crazy keeps that beating, more in tranquil bed,
And treads taught ways of behaving mind,
I in my fullest would stutter, believing that’s been said,
Carry lines of fastidiousness and loathe the prolonged dead.
Twice if now it mattered lay all chambers of the heart,
Pine the bliss in flower, it’s name I’d utter.
Pictures that bless the feeling of sudden wishing care,
Find myself believing what ought not to share.
Days of living fragrance which breaks such solitude –
A perfect day in summer and the sunshine glimmers true;
In heaps of callow love now, when strings fondle harmony,
Buy my time to ponder – the cameo of the lily.


Across again


Merged two days, this mind wonders still…
Longer if to hold this beat, dear too nigh that none does know.
In crowded cheers, in thousand thoughts,
All gathered whispers in the hall, no reason fascinated so will draw –
Turn such sights across but her.
At night when times in desperate flee, hold a spur to light memories.
Each and every smile so flashes, bridges call to destiny.
Times that stood so silenced, adored like dusty dusky rays,
No borders meet though humbly found, tender throbs lead the way.
Like every breeze that slithers and fondles indifferent blades,
Her voice, an alluring laughter, soothes uncanny waves.

Café love

Treading on rustling leaves in moments last fall,
Maiden lifted my head and had you told –
Daisy-love like heart fluttered and burst in fiddle waves;
No imagination or things foretold to be in café tales.

Sassy curls, calmly resting on shoulders so graceful,
Awed at the beauty sipping coffee at the table;
Dreamy gestures captured past lashes of the hazel eyes,
Found fingers smoothly slipping on the stiletto sides.

Dotty hair-pin bite at the corner of glossy lips;
Strolled behind silently to catch one careful glimpse.
Stops, every turn and stare, captivating, how you shy away;
Painless love profound in that smiling face.

Blameless runaway cries, how could I not adore!
Coloured springtime wish, yearned to perfect bout’s call.
Nearness in aura howling peachy love, aflame;
No sun rapt shine brighter to the eye again.

Cries ceaseless

Strayed out – such is the life.
Never been so lonely, missing much
As passions torn apart; wonder still,
Love’s living deep down the corners of heart.

Swayed along, never knew how, not why;
Pictured her smiling for every darkened
Solitudes, strived me far to unfathomable
Promises, thus was lost instead.

Lays sprouting one more time.
Thoughtless, ended to leave departing smiles;
Cries ceaseless and miles away
Looking unto one desire of outliving stay.

Bits picked up, past was beheld;
Under her caring eyes choices dug and made;
Lest smear the fairness about,
Forgotten nights when thoughts were read aloud.


Had I known a moment so true,
At hand that times beheld;
Unspeakable composure lit,
Blended all in crimson gaze.

Two steps in front and now
I hear the words palying.
Lines flow like summer wind,
Ardent, of burning desire.

Dear me, I was a child!
Stared, did awe the colours,
Had eternity to pour,
Painting pictures of her mind.

Things then gently uttered,
Of beauty she did tell.
Yearned silently to prove
What prettiness is I dreamt.

Could it capture the spotless,
Tenderness and all she was;
Bold though kind her eyes
And the rapture in mine.



(originally written in 2009, posted in previous blog in Opera)

That year now long devoured;
Unrattled rumours lied;
All in fair Islode’s tale
Love’s been love defied.

Ashore as gentle swirl,
Of wind winnowed from far.
Such absent canoe float;
Carried beneath and all.

And waved along to bloom,
There the ocean embraced.
“Thou shalt be together.”
Oblivion was but graced.