Lavender in the field

Glanced the sore heart through the field amid tranquil lores;
Bleak but windy murmurs left answers untold:
Countless moments deceive the distance within the eyes –
Intimacy in disparity drifts away no pride.
White feathers clasped unspoken – fettered to the soul,
Gusty storm beneath the feet deepened, rumbled cold.
Purer still lavenders abound the sullen ground,
Beheld vacant spaces on canvas in time’s abode.
Halts prime to wonder the eyeline if meets the shore:
Awed the beaming face; was oblivious, now lost.


Cries ceaseless

Strayed out – such is the life.
Never been so lonely, missing much
As passions torn apart; wonder still,
Love’s living deep down the corners of heart.

Swayed along, never knew how, not why;
Pictured her smiling for every darkened
Solitudes, strived me far to unfathomable
Promises, thus was lost instead.

Lays sprouting one more time.
Thoughtless, ended to leave departing smiles;
Cries ceaseless and miles away
Looking unto one desire of outliving stay.

Bits picked up, past was beheld;
Under her caring eyes choices dug and made;
Lest smear the fairness about,
Forgotten nights when thoughts were read aloud.

Lost feathers

Catch me like a feather blown high,
Amidst thousand wings I fly;
Strings of myriad strains that chord along,
Behold one spur of thoughtless desire.
Lurking swift on linen waves,
Dusks and dawns are aerial days.
Tidings from the merchant vessels,
sails drawn tight, from far away.
Dwindling high o’er the clouds,
Basking day on sunny morns,
Wind drifts the lights to mountain’s call
Sprightly plumes I lost them all.