So laden

Beheld an evening sky –
Across which if my answers lie?
If the hilltop now swooped up high;
Like my breaths life does not get by.
So care to now have unfolded wings
And see beyond the farthest skies.

Not crumbled yet, still laden left;
Can care no more to lift an eye;
But the shadow stays and darkness cries,
Where failures drag me down the side.

Don’t ask no more, let me be still;
Hold my hand, be a company.
Tired of running all my life
Like someone lined at muzzle sights.

If man ever worked so hard,
What gain he had to boast in end?
A content life, a blithely spree?
A broken soul that’s never free.

Drenched in toils of sweetest life,
With icy stakes across the heart;
Gasping, suffocating with every sigh.
Can coldness smother the lively warmth,
Jubilee in thoughts of purest white?
Life O life, what more do you need?
Take away my days
And lend me back my pride.


Tweeted morning

That morning was done by an angel without sun,
And a little swallow flew overhead,
Swift and tailed a long twitter in the air;
Like a new born babe soaring
As reborn with feathers of time.
Boughs on my trees bowed
Like nodding to joy and shook to blush,
Profound hearted to have all there.
Waved and touched, as they whispered
The leaves let me know –
That no stranger was ever so redeemed.
Bounty in life, so I sat,
Stayed to glimpse the play of silent leaves
As they chased the others
With the blades of grass.


(originally written in 2009, posted in previous blog in Opera)

That year now long devoured;
Unrattled rumours lied;
All in fair Islode’s tale
Love’s been love defied.

Ashore as gentle swirl,
Of wind winnowed from far.
Such absent canoe float;
Carried beneath and all.

And waved along to bloom,
There the ocean embraced.
“Thou shalt be together.”
Oblivion was but graced.


Times afar

(originally composed in 2009)

Black eyed damsel look around,
Living in one prayer all along.
Brightly laying the days received;
Playing too far to belong.

Once a night, once to see:
A single life dawn thrives,
Taking, breaking myriad lines,
Touching the aching self to thy rise.

Times afar deep within holding up
All that can ever be; sprouting,
Flowing, like ocean weeds breed,
Soothing they seem, enfolded to swing.