Fearless if this heart had been
And sang to lift a maiden fall,
Let spur believe, lo, distant angel call,
Lay choices for love to receive;
‘Tis unfair that must be gone,
Depart from where neither will see.
No shadowed love, no more to bear,
No longings to watch close and live;
Enlivened, forbearing but brazen care;
Is mighty on a lonesome gorge
Deeper beneath, now flowing on its own.
Pity days in fading faces; the one to shine
Is darkened deep in caves;
Like an eagle rested on rocks up high,
What desire could it heart convey?
In all the freedom it alights and soar,
Might it wander for a loving stay?


The Solitary Song

Candid I live now far too griped;
A domain door and wall to steal;
A vault this strong no common man
Had eyed beyond nor reveal.
The coldest night, calm and blind,
Fingers numb desperately slide.
Sheltered in tales conveyed,
Unseemingly bold yet draped
In questions of some oblivion might;
Echoes what far less than said.
Crinkle, crumble thoughts that build;
Contemplate a lingering denied;
Never in western sails I fought
Names always dared to write.