Far corners

Further while I passed the door, my footsteps on long corridor,
Each hurled in murmur fainting…
Torment not O echo of thy voice – plead thee with life.
Was I in slumber slain to bleed my limbs, fail to rise,
Stared at by the coldest walls, dark ceiling to vie?
At far end it stood and seemed to last;
Corners outshone blinding lights;
No warrior did ever lay hands on spoils so worth a prize.
Did I hear u call my name?
My lady, a silence so desired to stay –
The first I know to find longing so.


So laden

Beheld an evening sky –
Across which if my answers lie?
If the hilltop now swooped up high;
Like my breaths life does not get by.
So care to now have unfolded wings
And see beyond the farthest skies.

Not crumbled yet, still laden left;
Can care no more to lift an eye;
But the shadow stays and darkness cries,
Where failures drag me down the side.

Don’t ask no more, let me be still;
Hold my hand, be a company.
Tired of running all my life
Like someone lined at muzzle sights.

If man ever worked so hard,
What gain he had to boast in end?
A content life, a blithely spree?
A broken soul that’s never free.

Drenched in toils of sweetest life,
With icy stakes across the heart;
Gasping, suffocating with every sigh.
Can coldness smother the lively warmth,
Jubilee in thoughts of purest white?
Life O life, what more do you need?
Take away my days
And lend me back my pride.

Café love

Treading on rustling leaves in moments last fall,
Maiden lifted my head and had you told –
Daisy-love like heart fluttered and burst in fiddle waves;
No imagination or things foretold to be in café tales.

Sassy curls, calmly resting on shoulders so graceful,
Awed at the beauty sipping coffee at the table;
Dreamy gestures captured past lashes of the hazel eyes,
Found fingers smoothly slipping on the stiletto sides.

Dotty hair-pin bite at the corner of glossy lips;
Strolled behind silently to catch one careful glimpse.
Stops, every turn and stare, captivating, how you shy away;
Painless love profound in that smiling face.

Blameless runaway cries, how could I not adore!
Coloured springtime wish, yearned to perfect bout’s call.
Nearness in aura howling peachy love, aflame;
No sun rapt shine brighter to the eye again.